At Bunnies Ranch, we are constantly seeking to recruit attractive, charismatic and intelligent escorts from a variety of backgrounds. We require that you be:

    - Confident and good with people to deal with different types of   
    - Punctual, reliable and organised – crucial qualities for working
.     with us.
    - Flexible with regards to your availability/working patterns.
    - Have evidence of your right to work in the UK/EU or have a    
      valid visa enabling you to work if you are from outside the EU

We can offer flexible hours to suit you, the chance to exceed your earning potential, as well as the opportunity to travel and meet some very interesting people along the way.

Our Website has a live web chat system, Please feel free to use it if you would like to learn more about becoming an escort. Our friendly reception will be happy to help

Welcome to Bunnies Ranch the finest Massage Parlour and Escort Agency in Bournemouth

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